Sorting Shopify Variants

If your variants are out of order, you can use the Bulk Product Editor app to sort them quickly. This feature is available on the Advanced and Professional plans.

The steps for sorting variants are:

  • Choose which products to sort
  • Set the order of the option values
  • Set the priority for options 1, 2, and 3
  • Sort the variants

In this article, we'll cover each step in detail.

Step 1: Choose which products to sort

  1. Open up the app
  2.  Click In-App Edit on the left menu 
  3.  Click Sort Variants.

Use the Vendor and Product Type dropdowns to filter for the products that you want to modify. If you leave the fields blank, the app will use all products.

4. Click on Load Products

This will cause the app to analyze all the matching products and find all the possible option values their variants have. When this is complete, the app will take you to the Option Order tab, where you can choose how to sort the variants.

Step 2: Set the order of the option values

The Option Order tab shows all the values that the variants have for their different options. The number in the grey circle shows how many matching variants have that option.

You can change the sort order by dragging the different option values ("X-Large," for example) up and down. The ordering in each of these lists will be the order that's used when the variants are sorted. 

At the top of each column, there are also several shortcuts you can use to speed things up:

  • Alphabetical Sort - This will sort the options alphabetically (case-insensitive)
  • Numeric Sort - This will try and sort the values numerically if a number can be extracted from the option value
  • Size Sort - This attempts to sort site values like "XS" "X-Large" from smallest to largest
  • Reverse - This reverses the order of the list

Once the sort order of the options is set, you can scroll down to set the priority of the different options.

Step 3: Set the priority for options 1, 2, and 3

The Option Priority section lets you choose which set of option values to sort first. You can drag the Option 1, Option 2, and Option 3 boxes up and down to choose the order.

For example, if the order were Option 1, Option 2, the results would look like:

Option 1 (Color)  Option 2 (Size) 

But if the order were Option 2, Option 1, the results would look like:

Option 1 (Color)  Option 2 (Size)   

Step 4: Sort the variants 

Now that the sorting options are set click Sort Variants. The app will go through and reorder the variants for all your products.

The sorting process is regarded as an In-App Edit, so you can undo the sorting if you're not happy with the results.

Note: If a product's variants are already in the correct order, that product will not show up in the edit results.

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