Exporting Audit Logs

The audit logs for the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor are exportable spreadsheets that show all the edits that have taken place on your store. This can be useful to keep track of which edits were run when you have a team of people working in the app.


Audit Log Format

The audit logs contain a list of each edit that was run on your store. Audit logs are available in the app for 60 days. For each edit it lists:

  • The fields in the edit
  • The status of edit
  • A URL to see the edit
  • Information on the spreadsheet used (if applicable)
  • Information on the Inventory Sync task (if applicable)

The file will look like this:


Please note that all times are listed in the timezone of the store.

Exporting the Audit Logs

To export audit logs go to the Edit History section of the app. In the top-right corner you'll see a button where you can export your edits:


Click on the button and then enter the email address that you want the logs sent to:


Depending on the number of the edits you have it might take a couple minutes for the email to arrive in your inbox.


If you need additional customizations for the audit logs (for example, emailing them every week) send us a note and support@ablestar.co and we'll try to help you our.

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