Email Reports FAQs

Can I change the address that the reports come from?

Shopify stores on the Email Reports app Professional plan can change the address the reports come from, but it requires you to be able to change some DNS settings for your domain (to keep the emails from getting blocked by spam control applications). For more details about the DNS changes, contact us at 

Can I have a custom metric?

For stores on the Email Reports app Professional plan, we can work with you to develop custom metrics for your reports and can also help with integration with apps like VendHQ, Quickbooks, etc. For more details about custom metrics, email us at 

Why are the numbers different than what Shopify shows?

In most cases, the numbers shown on the reports should match up with what you are seeing in Shopify, but there are some things (timezone, whether refunds or taxes are included, etc.) that could cause differences. For more information on the metrics used and how they are calculated, click here. If you have any questions about a specific metric on your reports, email us at 

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