Shopify Daily Variant Limit

Once your Shopify store has 50,000 variants you can only add an additional 1,000 variants per day.

In 2019 Shopify made changes to restrict the number of variants you can have on your store. If your store has less than 50,000 variants you do not need to worry about this limit. However, once your store reaches 50,000 variants you might be subject to the daily variant creation limit. This limits you to adding only adding an additional 1,000 variants every 24 hours to your store.

Daily variant creation limit considerations

There are several things to keep in mind withe the variant creation limit:

  • The limit is on the number of variants in your store, not the number of products. If you have 500 products that each have 100 variants you will reach the limit, however having 10,000 single-variant products is not a problem.
  • The daily variant creation limit does not apply to Shopify Plus stores. In rare cases you may be able to ask Shopify support to remove the limit if you are not on a Shopify Plus plan.
  • If you are trying to import products and reach this limit, you will need to wait 24 hours and then resume your import. 
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