Delete Products and Variants

You can use the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor to delete products or variants in bulk.


  • Deleting products or variants is permanent. Please be absolutely sure you want to remove the products before proceeding
  • In many cases it's better to set the product's status to 'Archived'. This will hide the product but you can still recover it

In-App Edits

To delete products or variants with an in app edit:

  1. Choose the products you want to edit and click on Edit Products
  2. In the 'Field to Edit' box select Delete Products or Delete Variants in the 'Danger Zone' section

Spreadsheet Edits

You can upload a spreadsheet to the 'Spreadsheet Edit' section of the app to delete products in the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet should have two columns:

  • An identifier column (SKU, handle etc..)
  • A column that contains the text 'delete'

A valid file looks like this:

When deleting products with a spreadsheet you cannot do an update to other products in the same spreadsheet edit. This is to prevent products from being deleted accidentally.

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