Using the field selector

You can use the field selector to quickly find the field or action for your edit. You can also use the field selector entirely with the keyboard. When you open it up, you'll see:

  • A search box at the top
  • A list of categories on the left
  • A list of fields in the middle

You can search for the field you want with a combination of typing in the search box, clicking on a category or scrolling through the field list. To select a field or action either:

  • Click on the field
  • Highlight it and press Enter

Keyboard Shortcuts

The quickest way to use the field selector is with keyboard shortcuts. Once you've searched for your products and clicked on Edit Products you can:

  1. Press the Enter key to open up the field selector
  2. Start typing the name of the field you want
  3. Use the Up/Down arrow keys to highlight the exact field
  4. Press Enter to select the field
  5. Press Tab to continue configuring your edit
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