Creating a new price list for a Shopify Market

When you add a new market to the Shopify Admin you will need to create a price list for that market before you can edit it in the app. 

Creating a new price list in the app

To create a price list for a new market in the app:

  1. Go to Settings -> Shopify Markets
  2. Refresh the data to so you can see the new market
  3. If the market does not have a price list you will see a Create Price List link next to the market. Click on the link to create the a price list

Now you can use a spreadsheet to set fixed prices for that market.

Creating a new price list in the Shopify Admin

You can do either of the following to create a market in the Shopify Admin:

  • Add at least one fixed price for the market
  • Set a price adjustment for the market that isn't zero

After you've done this, refresh the Shopify Markets data in the app.

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