Editing Dimension Metafields with a Spreadsheet

With Shopify you have the ability to create metafield definitions for dimensions like weight, length and volume. You can use the Bulk Product Editor to set these values with a spreadsheet however you'll need to include the unit in the spreadsheet column.

For example, assuming you have the necessary metafield definitions on your store, the following will not work:

Adding the units to the fields will work:

Supported Units

Valid options for the units are:

  • Weights: g, oz, kg, lb
  • Lengths: mm, cm, m, in, ft, yd
  • Volumes: ml, cl, l, m3, fl_oz, pt, qt, gal, imp_fl_oz, imp_pt, imp_qt, imp_gal

Why do you need the units?

The app needs the units because dimension metafields actually contain two pieces of information, the measurement value and the unit type

There's no way to set a default unit type for a metafield definition so it needs to be included in each column

Adding the unit to a whole column

You can use Excel or Google Sheets formulas to quickly add a unit to a whole column

Make sure to include a space between the number and the unit and please reach out if you're having difficulties.

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