Tagging Fulfillable Orders

When you place an order in your store, Shopify will decrease the item's inventory quantity to reserve the item for fulfillment. They do this, so you don't commit to selling the last remaining product multiple times. 

If your store allows back-orders or pre-orders, it becomes difficult to tell when you can actually ship an item. To address this, the app triggers when an order becomes fulfillable or when it becomes unfulfillable. 

How to determine if an order is fulfillable

For each product, the app calculates three different stock quantities:

  • Available for purchase - this is the 'inventory quantity' field tracked by Shopify
  • Reserved (committed) quantity - this is the amount of inventory reserved by open orders
  • Inventory on hand - this is the sum of the two quantities above

Starting with the oldest open order, the app will look through each line item and see if there's enough inventory on hand to fulfill the order. If all line items can now be fulfilled, the order becomes 'fulfillable.' If there is now not enough inventory on hand to fulfill an order, it becomes 'unfulfillable.'

The fulfiilable and unfulfillable states are calculated for open orders each time a new order is placed or when the inventory quantity of a product is updated.

Building rules for fulfillable orders

We recommend creating two rules for fulfillable orders, one to handle situations when an order becomes fulfillable and the other for when an order is unfulfillable.

The first rule will trigger Order becomes fulfillable, and you'll want to add a tag indicating you can fulfill it and also remove the tag indicating it can't be fulfilled:

The rule for unfulfillable orders will trigger on Order becomes unfulfillable and will use the opposite tags:

Inventory Reports

If you reload the app after you've added a rule for fulfillable orders, you'll see an Inventory Reports heading in the Settings section of the app

Here you can download different reports to show your stock status:

  • Inventory Report - How much inventory you have in stock and many units are reserved for unfulfilled orders
  • Orders/Inventory - For each open order, show how much inventory is still needed for each SKU in order to fulfill it
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