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What if multiple rules match on the same order?

If multiple rules match on the same order, the rules will be processed in the order that they were created. Once the app has a list of all the tags to add and remove, it'll update the order on Shopify in one go.

Why aren't my tags showing up in Shopify?

If you're tags aren't showing up on Shopify, the first thing to do is to make sure that the rule is matching correctly on them. Open up the rule and enter an order number in the Test Rule box to make sure that the app would trigger on the order. If the rule doesn't match the order, the conditions might need to be updated.

If the app says it matches an order, go to the Activity Log section and look for the order in question. Verify that the tags were in fact added to the order.

If the app says the tags were added, but they're still not showing up, it may be that another Shopify app is also modifying orders shortly after they're placed and is overwriting the tags that we set. If this is the case you have our app wait a bit before trying to process the order by going to the Settings section and enabling the Delay Order Processing option.

In any case, if you have questions about why an rule or tag isn't working, please contact us and we'll take a look for you.

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